About Me

[ the super short version ]

I am a Front-End developer, passionate about UI/UX/Design. I also enjoy writing Javascript and jQuery. My skills are always improving and I love learning. I also own my own Web Design & Development company called Fellow Humans, which was created to help you design the best website for your fellow humans to use and interact with. Besides web development, I also have a crazy obsession with MMA and video editing.

Growing Portfolio

[ neat projects ]
AEC McCloud Legal Permit Solutions Ohio Mazah Eatery - Catering Website

Scale of Strength

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[ cool places I've worked / learned ]

+ Freelancing since October 2015

+ Worked Front-End at Ark101 from December 2015 to April 2016

+ Worked at Donatos Pizzeria from 2010-2012

+ Worked at Strategic Environmental in summer of 2010

+ Bachelor of Science Degree in Web Design & Development from Full Sail University in August 2015.

+ Graduated from Hilliard Bradley Highschool in 2012


[ get at me ]

+ Add me on LinkedIn.

+ Email me at info@eddiegemayel.com for work or questions.